Kristi Krause is a singer-songwriter from San Diego, Ca and former American Idol Contestant Season 11. Kristi has been performing professionally for ten years. The venues she has performed at include The Rancho Bernardo Inn, La Valencia Hotel, Carlsbad Hilton Resort, Turtle Bay Hilton Resort & Hale Koa Hotel (Oahu, HI),The House of Blues, Hard Rock Cafe, and many more. Kristi is a well versatile artist as she is able to cover just about any tune upon request at the venues she performs at as well as bring good vibes with her original music. 

Kristi's music is inspired by love, heartbreak, learning to overcome personal struggles, finding strength in being herself, or finding the simple joys in life. Her songwriting is also inspired by her love for the ocean and practically being raised by the waves. Music has been a tool for Kristi to channel how she is feeling which has been healing for her throughout her life. Through her experience of writing songs, performing them, and hearing how her songs have affected audience members she continues to write with the hope to make others feel something. "Music to me is about finding human connection through common emotion. Some of my most favorite songs have always brought me a sense of comfort and has made me feel understood. My hope is to do the same when someone else listens to my songs."-Kristi Krause

Little did Kristi know that starting singing lessons at eleven, and picking up the guitar and songwriting when she was fifteen was going to change her life forever. Kristi continues to play shows in San Diego and is highly anticipating her move to Nashville, Tennessee to further her music career as a recording artist.


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