Kristi is a singer-songwriter from San Diego, Ca. She competed as a contestant on ABC's hit singing show American Idol and was a runner up on 'Nashville Rising Song'. In 2019 she set her sights on Nashville where she lived, wrote, and had a residency show twice a week at the Jimmy Buffett Restaurant 'Margartiaville'.

Throughout Kristi's life she has had much experience in the performing world and has performed at venues such as hotels, country clubs, and restaurants in San Diego, Hawaii, and Nashville. She now resides back in San Diego and is anticipating the release of her new single "Who I Am", a song she wrote about her experience with having Tourette's syndrome.

Kristi was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome when she was four years old. Because of this her parents had the determination to help her find a passion since they knew hard times were to come with this syndrome. Music turned out to be that 'thing' to help her get through hard times. Now her goal is to continue sharing her music in the hopes that it will help others and bring light to their day, 

"Music to me is about finding connection with others through common emotion. My favorite songs have always brought me a sense of comfort and has made me feel understood. My hope is that my music can do the same for others." ~ Kristi

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